SAP Upgrades

A lot has changed in the business environment since you implemented SAP. Isn’t it time for an upgrade?

Operationalize New Business Models Faster

SAP has transformed its architecture and offerings. Solutions such as CRM, Supply Chain, and SRM have matured, while new solutions, such as SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) and Business Rules Framework plus BRFplus, offer a flexibility that will help your organization become more agile. In fact, there’s never been a better time to upgrade and benefit from the latest technology advances.

We’re ready to help your business benefit from an ERP system that can leverage leading practices in virtualization, consolidation, and enterprise platform optimization. A real opportunity exists to unleash the power of your SAP investment, and upgrading your SAP environment is the first step.

Why Just Keep Up When You Can Lead the Pack?

Our approach to an upgrade starts with an assessment of your current system landscape: Is it aligned with your strategy for the business? How does it need to be changed to enable today’s operation while, at the same time, better support your future business?

We treat every upgrade as a chance for our clients to redefine their future landscape to their lasting advantage. Our proven approach helps you make the next move; our knowledge and experience make possible an upgrade that’s “right” given your unique objectives and opportunities.

Delivering Value on Three Levels

  • During a technical upgrade, we help you grab the "low hanging fruit" ― a step that often generates enough savings to help fund the upgrade itself.
  • Then, the functional upgrade reduces complexity and system modifications, thereby keeping costs under control.
  • Finally, in a strategic upgrade we help your company to build a roadmap that aligns to your business strategy and help you adopt and deploy web service capabilities, to create immediate differentiation and competitive advantages.

Our approach to an SAP upgrade focuses on getting your company to the next generation of SAP quickly, on increasing your team’s understanding of new options and solutions that SAP offers, and on developing a roadmap for realizing more value from your SAP investment.

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