Stakeholder benefits

Make procurement everybody’s business with the IBX Business Network – and start garnering enterprise-wide benefits today.
Procurement impacts the whole C-level landscape. We give your procurement, IT and finance departments the tools to integrate your entire organization into the procurement process, ensuring compliance with management principals and steering the full range of strategic and operational procurement processes.

While driving all processes across the entire source-purchase-pay lifecycle, our closed loop gives high-level stakeholders more visibility and superior spend management. Strategic decisions can be made with fact-based confidence, which gives your clearly quantifiable procurement function more backing.

Here are some of the benefits you will receive from implementing the IBX Business Network as your eProcurement solution:

CEOs see profitability and transparency increase.
  • With a clearer view of the procurement lifecycle, CEOs are better able to create realistic forecasts that are based on true purchasing behavior.
CIOs get a cutting-edge solution that causes no additional strain on IT resources.
  • Cloud-based, ISO-certified and ERP-independent, the IBX Business Network guarantees high standards, quick implementation and universal access.
CFOs see productivity and efficiency increase.
  • Higher process transparency with order/invoice matching and eInvoicing that feeds compliant invoices directly to AR, substantially decreasing manual work and duplicate payments.
CPOs are able to shift their agenda away from policing buyer behavior.
  • With IBX, it’s possible to concentrate on true procurement functions and providing improved service, thanks to higher contract compliance, increased savings and better supplier collaboration.
COOs see improved productivity, higher efficiency and more process transparency across the organization.
  • User-friendly procurement makes purchasing easy through defined, traceable processes.
CHRs see employee satisfaction increase.
  • An easy-to-use system encourages user compliance, minimizes the need for training, provides a higher degree of self-service, and attracts a next-generation workforce.
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