Tech Aptitude

About the challenge

If you have the itch to solve complex problems using common sense and simple logic, put your aptitude to test in this MCQ's type Tech Aptitude Challenge.

Cross all 4 levels and make it to the 5th grand final live level to claim the 'Tech Challenge' crown.


  • Total levels: 4 + 1 (live level)
  • Total questions in each level: 25
  • Time limit for each level: 30 minutes
  • In each level (except for the live level) you will get one chance to improve your score by re-taking the level. The best score from the 2 attempts will be considered.

Live Levels

You will be eligible to enter the live level only after you complete the first 4 levels. Live levels will be accessible only during the specified time window. After you enter the live level, you will get 30 minutes to answer the questions. The person who answers maximum questions correctly in the shortest possible time wins.

Live level of Coding and Tech Aptitude Challenge opens on 8th May 2013 at 12 p.m. and ends on 10th May 2013 at 12 p.m.

Rules to Play Tech Aptitude

There will be 25 multiple choice questions in every level. 1 mark will be allotted for each correct answer. There is no negative marking. Max marks each user can score is 25. 

Time Duration is 30 minutes.
Attempts: Every user gets maximum two attempts at every level. The final score for that level is taken as the highest score of both attempts.

Participating in the next LEVEL: Every user needs to score at least 10 marks to be eligible to enter into the next level.

Winner Selection: Winner will be the person who scores the maximum marks in all levels combined. In event of a tie, the person taking the least amount of time to solve LEVEL 5 will be declared the winner. The total score will be calculated by using the logic of weighted averages, as illustrated by the example below:

LEVEL Marks Obtained Maximum Marks Weighted Average Percentage* Total marks for final calculation of winner
1 10 25 10 1
2 10 25 15 1.5
3 10 25 20 2
4 10 25 25 3
5 20 25 30 7
FINAL SCORE       14.5
*All figures mentioned in above table are explanatory, except in the Weighted Average Percentage columns are actual percentages applicable for the Tech Aptitude

How to win the Early Bird Voucher for Tech Aptitude

First 10 people to complete all levels with a score of minimum of 10 marks in each level  in Tech Aptitude contest will be eligible for a gift voucher of Rs.1000/-
Rank   :   Rank displayed on the dashboard in based on your current level only. Rank is a representation of your position in the contest during that point of time. Having a top rank doesn’t guarantee a win.


  • 1st prize- iPad (or a tablet worth Rs. 35000/-)
  • 2nd prize- Tablet worth Rs. 15000/-
  • 3rd prize- Tablet worth Rs. 10000/-
First 50 people to complete all 5 levels will get a voucher worth Rs.1000/-*

Refer and win contest

  • Overall top 3 referrers will get tablets and gift vouchers.
  • 1st prize- Tablet worth Rs. 10000/-
  • 2nd prize – Tablet worth Rs. 5000/-
  • 3rd prize- Gift voucher worth Rs. 3500/-
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