TechnoVision for the Telecom, Media and Entertainment Sector

TechnoVision is Capgemini’s strategic framework to help clients develop the most relevant innovations for their organizations, mapping technology trends to determine which ones meet the needs of a particular business or industry.

TechnoVision shows how information technologies and their evolution will impact business. Through this process Capgemini is able to help telecom, media and entertainment customers innovate and define new services for their own business and for their clients, and to bring those services to market faster.

Process on the fly

Process on the fly- technology is of particular importance for the telecom, media and entertainment sector. As a result of the spectacular growth in this sector during the last 10 to 15 years many of the business processes and activities were “bolted together” in order to bring services to market quickly. This has in many cases created a highly inflexible and complex framework of systems, tools and process work-arounds. A framework that can only be operated by those employees who have a deep knowledge of business rules and complex system functionality. A framework that can hardly be further adapted to bring new convergent services to market, if only at high cost and with long lead times.

Migrating to technologies that are in the “Process on the fly” cluster enables TME companies to redefine their operations in terms of re-usable individual and compound business services. These services can be orchestrated into the business processes that are needed to deliver products and services. The automated execution of these orchestrated processes is governed by the organization’s business rules. For every new product and service that has to be brought to market new or adapted business processes can be defined using re-usable services and business rules.

“Process on the fly” provides a higher level of agility, the ability to change processes fast and flexibly, with an intrinsic high level of quality.

Thriving on data

By embracing “Thriving on data” Telecom and Media companies can start to mine and monetize the large amounts of data that they implicitly collect about their customers. Mobile telco’s know where their customers are, what services they use, what communication characteristics they have. TME companies that are active in digital retailing collect a richness of data about their customers and their preferences in media consumption. By entering into social media services the leading telecom and media companies are now further enriching their customer data.

How to turn this rich data into profiling information, at the level of the individual consumer and use it for offering individually tailored new offerings is the question that can be answered by deploying solutions in the Thriving on data technology cluster.

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