Terms and Conditions - Agon 2015

Agon 2015: Capgemini Business Case Challenge is organized and conducted by Capgemini India. Participation in this contest constitutes a contestant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these terms and conditions which are final and binding in all respects
  • Who Can Participate

    This contest is open only to contestants who are currently pursuing a full time residential PGP/PGDM/MBA (2 year programs) from the following management institutes:  
  1. IIM A
  2. IIM B
  3. IIM C
  4. XLRI
  5. FMS
  6. IIM I
  7. IIM K
  9. XIMB
  10. NITIE
  11. NMIMS
  12. SIBM Pune
  13. SCMHRD
  14. IIM Ranchi
  16. Welingkar
  17. SIOM
  18. Sydenham
  19. TAPMI
  20. KJ Somaiya

  • How to Enter

    • Eligible contestants must form a team of two to four members who meet the aforementioned requirements
    • No participant can be a member of more than one team. If such a case is found; all teams in which he/she is a member will be disqualified
    • All members of a team should be from the same management institute; and can be from the 1st Year or the 2nd Year batch
    • The team must register itself on the website  from September 21, 2015 to  September 30, 2015
    • Registrations will be regarded as a formal acceptance of the terms and conditions
    • No change or substitution in team members will be entertained post-registration
    • In the event of an emergency, and if a team has to change a member, they can only do so after approval from the Agon team. Please write in to agon.in@capgemini.com  for assistance
    • If a team is shortlisted for the final face-to-face round with the Capgemini jury, only two members of the team can travel to the Capgemini office.
  • Contest Stages

    1. Registrations
    2. Case unveiled
    3. Round One Solution submission
    4. Jury review of Round One submissions
    5. Three shortlisted teams announced
    6. Preparation for final round
    7. Finale at Capgemini, Mumbai


  1. Capgemini Business Case Challenge Event (called Agon) endeavors to give a unique opportunity for individuals to apply for participating in this Event (‘Participants’) and demonstrate their skills (‘Shortlisted Contestants’) to compete to win prizes and the title of ‘Agon Champions’’ (“Event”).

  2. The shortlisted teams will be determined amongst the participants by a Selection Panel appointed by Capgemini. The selection panel shall be comprised of Capgemini experts selected by Capgemini from the relevant field of technology.

  3. The winners for the Event will be determined amongst the Shortlisted Contestants by a selection process, through short listing done on the basis of demonstration of problem comprehension, quality of solution, adapting alternatives and presentation by Shortlisted Contestants.

  4. This Event is a contest of skill, where Shortlisted Contestants have to demonstrate abovementioned abilities and present solutions that will be judged by experts whose decision is final, based on criteria that are outlined in these Terms and Conditions and the Rules for the Show.


  1. The Placement Cells of the Institutes shall maintain requisite insurance of the Participants as necessitated under law and provide a copy of the certificate of insurance to Capgemini evidencing the insurance coverage.

  2. “Intellectual Property Rights” means any patent, copyright, trademark, propriety information or any information that could be treated as Intellectual Property. “Exclusive Deliverables” means any all newly created Intellectual Property in the deliverables which have been created or developed or modified or derivative work as a result of Capgemini Agon. The participants, by participating in Agon, immediately upon submission or sharing or creating or developing all such Exclusive Deliverables shall be owned by Capgemini, in event if the law does not permit such ownership for any reason then the Participants by virtue of Participation to this Event agree and acknowledge the right through this assignment and immediately transfer  to Capgemini all the rights in the IP on exclusive basis and all such right shall be exclusive, irrevocable, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty free,  modifiable, perpetual, in nature and manner, with any and all rights to use all Intellectual Property Rights in the  Exclusive Deliverables including but not limited to all Source code, Object Code, records, reports, designs, applicable configuration, data, all written material, product, specifications, report, drawing and other documents forming part of the Exclusive Deliverables. All intellectual property rights in the documentation, data, information or materials provided by Capgemini to the Placement Cells and participants for the purpose of Agon will continue to remain Capgemini’s intellectual property.

  3. The Placement Cell and the participants shall not use Capgemini’s brand name directly or indirectly or in any manner whatsoever for attracting talent/candidates. The Placement Cell and the Participants shall not make any financial gain by getting involved in any unprofessional or unethical practices, or by making use of Capgemini brand name to pursue or influence any selection or recruitment or admission of candidates.

  4. Confidential Information shall mean all proprietary information or data furnished by Capgemini and/or its affiliates before or after the event hereof, whether written or oral which includes but is not limited to Capgemini’s trade secrets, processes, devices, designs, concepts, improvements, know-how, algorithms, models, inventions (whether or not patentable or copyrighted), developments, decision technology, specifications, techniques, sketches, works of authorship, applications processes, strategies, designs, photographs, profile of its subsidiaries, branches or details of shareholding, financials, projections, track record, profile of product, any data or information regarding Capgemini’s employees, prospective employees, business objective / criteria, employee lists, employee profiles, employee information, and other documentation relating to past, present or future business activities and services, which is disclosed by Capgemini and which was designated as confidential at the time of disclosure. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Confidential Information shall include all information disclosed by Capgemini which the Participants and Placement Cells should reasonably understand to be considered Confidential Information of Capgemini.

  5. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Participants and the Placement Cells of the respective institutions shall indemnify and keep indemnified Capgemini, its directors, officers and employees from and against all claims, demands, actions, suits and proceedings (including any losses, damages, costs, charges and expenses), whatsoever that may be brought or made against Capgemini by any third party as a result of any act or omission, non-performance or non-observance by Placement Cells or the Participants thereof any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  6. The Placement Cell shall ensure that the Participants register through them and the Participants agree to the terms and conditions of Agon.

  7. Each Participant shall sign the undertaking given in Exhibit A.

  8. The Placement Cell and the Participants shall individually comply with applicable data privacy laws. The Participants and the Placement Cell agree that if Capgemini is required to comply with any local, national or international data protection laws/regulations requirements including executing any undertakings for its compliance, they shall comply with such laws/ regulations and shall if required, execute similar undertakings.



Every participant must agree to the following undertaking:
  1. I shall maintain confidentiality and not reveal any information in any matter whatsoever pertaining to, including but not limited to, the nature of requirements at Capgemini or any of its group entities.

  2. I shall not use Capgemini’s brand name directly or indirectly or in any manner whatsoever for attracting talent/candidates.

  3. I shall not make any financial gain by getting involved in any unprofessional or unethical practices, or by making use of Capgemini brand name to pursue or influence any selection or recruitment or admission of candidates.

  4. I agree that Capgemini would have the right to make a final decision on continuation of this engagement and I /We shall have no claim of whatsoever nature against your office or any personnel.

  5. I shall comply with all anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws applicable in the jurisdictions in which it works, and shall ensure that our personnel, employees, affiliates, subcontractors (if any) comply with all such laws.

I shall adhere to all the Capgemini policies, formulated by Capgemini from time to time as applicable.

Contact details:

For queries email to agon.in@capgemini.com

Management Team: 

  • Shraddha Gupta
  • Raveena Sharma
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