The World FinTech Report 2017

In collaboration with Efma

Discover the latest pragmatic strategies from FinTech and how Financial Services firms can apply innovation to improve their customer experience with agility.

Launching this Fall

Exploring Innovation and FinTechs

Today’s Agents of Change are shaping their respective industries for the benefit of discerning customers everywhere. Take a look at these change makers and their perspectives on FinTechs, disruption and applying innovation.
Executive Roundtables: Highlights

Executive Roundtables: Highlights

Latest insights from our roundtables with key business shapers

FinTech experts met in various locations to discuss how FinTechs are influencing new business models and which ones are gaining traction.

The World FinTech Report

The World FinTech Report

Discover what the World FinTech Report 2017 is all about

The World FinTech report provides institutions a pragmatic and comprehensive overview of what matters most in the customer journey.

FinanceConnect 2016

FinanceConnect 2016

Where finance and technology collaborate

Hear today’s unique perspectives on FinTech, applying innovation and disruption in financial services with the best known Agents of Change.