Business Cloud: The State of Play Shifts Rapidly

Fresh insights into cloud adoption trends revealed in our report.

Business Cloud: The State of Play Shifts Rapidly. Fresh Insights into Cloud Adoption Trends

The Cloud has come a long way in a few short years and, as an early promoter of the benefit of Cloud for our clients, Capgemini has been aware that attitudes about the Cloud have been shifting by degrees. We wanted to put our observations to the test.

survey, based on 460 interviews with IT executives and business decision-makers, across seven sectors, and selected countries in key regions, was carried out by independent research company Coleman Parkes.  The result: there’s clear evidence that the business, rather than purely IT, is becoming involved in driving Cloud strategy, and pioneering its use for ‘edge’ growth initiatives.

So simply put, we're observing the evolution of what we call Business Cloud.

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