Digital Skills for Europe


Towards a European Framework for ICT Professionals

Shortages, gap and mismatches of e-skills are negatively impacting the growth, competiveness and drive for innovation in Europe.

With more governments recognizing the need to promote e-skills, the European Commission and a consortium of partners set up a Framework to enhance ICT professionalism. Support the growth of digital skills in Europe by participating in the initiative. Find out how.

Evolution of ICT professionals

The nature of jobs in the broader ICT domain is changing. It is no longer merely enough to be a technical expert. As new technologies develop rapidly, e-skills are becoming increasingly sophisticated and need to be constantly updated.

Today, the industry looks for ICT professionals who are dual thinkers with a diversity of knowledge and skills. They need to understand the business, operations and HR management. 

Strengthening ICT Professionalism in Europe

To drive the growth of the European ICT workforce a European Framework for the ICT profession will be developed. Led by the European Commission and the consortium partners Capgemini Consulting, EY and IDC, this Framework will generate key indicators on the evolution of the supply and demand of ICT professionals in Europe.

The main objectives of this initiative are:

  • Update the key indicators and progress on what the situation of the ICT profession in Europe looks like using the latest data, trends and developments
  • Develop the first comprehensive European Framework for the ICT profession, and initiate the implementation of the four foundational building blocks in at least three countries
  • Bring together a group of leading European experts with the aim to expand into a sustainable pan-European network for the future

As the digital skills gap is a global challenge, we will compare with Japan, Canada and the USA.

The European Framework for the ICT profession will be based on four building blocks:

  • Competences
  • Foundational ICT Body of knowledge
  • Education and Training
  • Professional Ethics

Participate  in the eSkills Project

To achieve a concrete action plan, we are seeking contributions from experts in the field of ICT to develop the ICT framework that can be implemented in at least three countries.

You can contribute on the following activities:

  • In-depth interviews with key experts (October 2015)
  • Online survey addressing 500+ stakeholders in the field of ICT (November 2015)
  • Experts workshops (February, March, June and November 2016 – dates tbc)
  • Interim report (May 2016)
  • High level conference (December 2016)
  • Final report (January 2017)

Contact for more information or to take part in the initiative