IDC Energy Insights: The Digital Utility

Facing different pressures, what are the key concerns and business and IT priorities for Utilities? How do these affect their internal and external decision making and management structure? IDC Energy Insights reveals.
IDC Energy Insights interviewed a select number of executives from 12 North American utilities to gain an overview of what are on the forefront of their minds.

Here are their specific findings:
  • Customer satisfaction is the top business priority
  • Distribution optimization leads business-related IT initiatives
  • Utilities continue to work on achieving value from smart metering
  • Analytics is the most impacting trend for the next five years
  • The importance of social media and multiple customer communications channels is gaining recognition
  • Security and privacy remain high priorities
  • Very few utilities are addressing the convergence and coordination of IT and OT
  • Little work has been done to future-proof business processes
  • Utilities are not prepared for distributed energy impacts
  • Receptivity to services and data in the cloud is increasing, but adoption is slow
The report therefore puts forward three recommendations:
  • Consider investing in infrastructure to optimize the distribution grid
  • Review how new channels can be integrated for customer engagement
  • Develop a strategy to achieve business value from analytics