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Vision & Reality provides a unique perspective on the most pressing life sciences industry challenges, and offers strategies and methods to overcome them. In our latest research, we focus on the issues surrounding patient adherence.

Assessing Opportunities in Patient Adherence

Each year, Capgemini publishes an in-depth analysis of a major life sciences issue. In our 9th edition of Vision & Reality, entitled “Patient Adherence: The Next Frontier in Patient Care," we focus on patient adherence – or rather the lack thereof. There is growing recognition that non-adherence to prescribed treatment is a major public health issue. In the US, it is estimated that additional care for non-adherent patients results in more than $300 billion of unnecessary costs to the healthcare industry each year.

For pharmaceutical companies, improvement in patient adherence represents a significant revenue opportunity that is largely untapped today. In this report, we analyze the current state of patient adherence and the challenges and key success factors involved in improving it.

The time for re-thinking patient adherence is now.

About Vision & Reality

Vision & Reality is a series of annual thought leadership publications exploring key trends and issues that impact the life sciences industry. It combines global primary research with the perspectives of senior executives within major pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, together with leading industry experts, payers, physicians and patients. These findings are supplemented with secondary research conducted by Capgemini’s global Strategic Insights Group.

Past Vision & Reality publications include:

  • Cost reduction strategies in times of global downturn
  • Re-tuning the commercial model in light of increased focus on profitability and changing stakeholder influence
  • Value of early commercialization
  • Better health outcomes through collaboration

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