Digital Utilities Transformation

Become a fully digital utility. Use new technologies to improve customer experience and change your operating models.

Reinventing Utilities with Digital Technologies

Every day, the Utilities industry must sift through massive amounts of data. Yet digital disrupters like smart metering, big data and mobile Internet technology, and social networks, can let you turn this data to opportunity. From better customer interaction to making your internal processes more robust, a digital utilities transformation framework lets you achieve these.

The Digital Utilities Transformation Framework

Reinvent your business model by incorporating new digital technologies to make better use of your data.

Our Digital Utilities Transformation framework is made up of five key services:

  • Digital Utilities Maturity Assessment: Review your digital maturity and benchmark essential business processes
  • Customer and Communities Experience Transformation: Rethink your marketing, sales and services to create an “All-Channel-Experience” for customer-centric processes
  • Digital Asset Management: Capture and analyze your data to build and operate assets in near real-time to improve your asset lifecycle
  • Employee Experience Transformation: Enable your employees to access data at all times and make better business decisions through tablets and smart phones
  • Digital Utilities Enterprise Architecture: Design your enterprise architectures to incorporate digital technologies like mobility, cloud, big data and BPMS to establish an agile interaction layer
Each of the above services is tailored to meet your needs, from low-cost to fully digital.

A Perspective Built on Utilities Experience and Research

Through ongoing research, we continuously refine this framework and our approach so you benefit from the latest thinking and best practice. We recently partnered with the MIT Center for Digital Business on a research project to better understand the profound impact of digital technological shifts.

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