You Experience

Today's most advanced smartphone apps offer us exciting new ways to live, work and interact. Discover the You Experience, a new way to turn your users into producers of tomorrow's information and intelligence.

TechnoVision 2014: You Experience

Connect to the Network of Everything  

A new generation of user-interface technologies and devices is giving way to compelling, highly personalized user experiences. Today’s techno-savvy users, all of whom are free to interact, create and share in whatever way suits their needs, are driving this change. As a result, the entire value chain of technology-enabled information and collaboration is ultimately experienced through this personalized lens.

Evolve into a Collaborative Ecosystem

Monolithic solutions are a thing of the past. Today, it's all about quickly orchestrated, tailored applications. Our You Experience approach includes:  
  • Object of Desire: turn your mobile apps into a candy store of compelling, aesthetic user experiences available on any device
  • Zen of the Task: create simple, user-friendly mobile apps designed to assist users in completing single, focused tasks
  • Sweat the Assets: maximize your impact by integrating device assets such as direction, movement, sight, sound and context awareness
  • Bring Your Office Device: adot new mobile operating systems capable of mixing private and business roles for a next-level user experience
  • End User, End Producer: build a hub platform of enterprise-level services and APIs that transform your users into end producers of great mobile apps
To learn more about the potential of the all-channel user experience through the You Experience approach, contact our experts.
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